Vufind Release 6.0 

11 Jan 2020

Vufind Release 6.0 

Author Name
Demian Katz - Villanova University
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Dina Hashim - KnowledgeWare Technologies
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  • Significant improvements to the display of active filters in search results, moving the list out of the facet sidebar and into the space beneath the search bar for clarity, and replacing the confusing “Retain Current Filters” checkbox with a more intuitive “Reset Filters” button.

  • Optional integration with the third-party Overdrive eBook service.

  • Introduction of an optional (off by default) mechanism to shorten links shared in text messages and emails (see pull request #1372).

  • Minor improvements to the custom feedback form feature (support for new input elements, better translation, etc.).

  • Minor improvements to the OAI-PMH server (including better performance and the new default_query, page_size and record_format_filters settings).

  • Improved format determination for MARC records (see pull request #1209).

  • Improved compatibility with MySQL 8 (though legacy authentication mode / default_authentication_plugin=mysql_native_password is required).

  • Users can now be optionally required to verify their email addresses when registering for accounts in VuFind's internal user database. (This is disabled by default – see pull request #1354).

  • New settings have been added to searchbox.ini to support optgroup grouping in the combined search handler drop down menu.

  • Added a new “ComponentParts” tab to the record view (disabled by default), which can be enabled in combination with simple container linking to display whole/part relationships in more detail. See pull request #1339.

  • Added a new recommendation module for linking to third-party searches (for example, to direct to an external site when an internal search yields no results). See pull request #1385 for details.

  • An example of batch-loading XML records from OJS is now included (see pull request #1352).

  • Significant improvements (and new configuration settings) for the Alma and SierraRest ILS drivers.

  • Addition of simple “lint_marc” command line utility for detecting errors in MARC files.

  • The ability for the user to set a preferred home library can now be disabled through the set_home_library setting in config.ini (see pull request #1347).

Possible backward compatibility breaks:

  •  VuFind now requires PHP 7.1 or newer; make sure your server can support this before upgrading!

  •  The Solr schema has changed, so records must be reindexed after an upgrade. See the index schema changelog for more details.

  •  Be sure to run a database upgrade to reflect table changes (see also the database changelog).

  •  As noted above, the display of active filters has been significantly redesigned; if you have customized this, you may need to revise your local templates. See pull request #1265 and pull request #1377 for more details.

  •  Facet labels are now displayed based on a labelSections configuration setting instead of through hard-coded activateAllFacets() methods in the Search Params classes. This makes it easier to ensure that facet fields are labeled correctly in all contexts. Be careful that you remove any references to activateAllFacets from custom code/templates, as the method no longer exists. See pull request #1291 for details.

  •  Record tabs are now configured through a RecordTabs.ini file, instead of through the Zend Framework module.config.php files. This makes configuration significantly less complicated – see pull request #1370. If you have any custom tab configurations, you should move them out of your local module's configuration and into a local copy of RecordTabs.ini.

  •  The signature of the getHolding ILS driver method has been changed to include an options array, and the return format has been adjusted to support optional pagination. Custom drivers may need to be adjusted for compatibility with these changes. See pull request #1358 for details.

  •  Several methods deprecated in earlier releases have been removed; see pull request #1314 for details.

  •  OAI-PMH server classes are now defined as top-level services so they can be more easily extended/overridden. This has changed the constructor signature and added an init method. Additionally, responses are now constructed in a different way for improved performance, replacing the showResponse() method with a createResponse() method. If you have customized OAI-PMH server code, you will have to adjust to match; see pull request #1237 and pull request #1356 for details.

  •  As noted above, pull request #1209 changes the default format determination rules for MARC records; if you have customized this or have a custom, you may wish to double-check that the new method is being used and meets your needs.

  •  The constructor signature of the VuFind\Record\Router has changed, because it no longer depends upon the VuFind\Record\Loader (see pull request #1364).

  •  Buttons for performing actions on records have been re-styled for consistency and easier customization; if you have changed markup or styles on these controls, you may need to revise your customizations. See pull request #1379 for details.

  • The VuFindSearch\Query\QueryInterface has been expanded to account for text normalization. Custom subclasses are unlikely, but if you have built one, it will need adjustment. See pull request #1391 for details.

  • The custom Java indexing code for tracking record changes has been updated to use java.time.LocalDateTime instead of java.util.Date for clarity; see pull request #1349 for details.

  • All static factory methods have been replaced with standard reusable Zend Framework factory classes. This shouldn't break anything, but if you have overridden any factories, you should review whether you can eliminate that local code and simply reuse an existing class.

  • The 'suppressDisplay' attribute of filters (originally introduced to hide certain advanced EDS parameters) was not working correctly and was not needed (since seeing these parameters is actually useful), so it has been eliminated; see this commit.

  • The 'vufindrecord' route definition has been removed (see this commit); this was intended for legacy compatibility after standardizing the name of the default record source from 'VuFind' to 'Solr' in release 3.0 and is very unlikely to still be needed in correctly upgraded instances.

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