Koha 17.05 Released

31 May 2017

Koha 17.05 Released

Author Name
Brendan Gallagher, Koha Community
Translated by
Massoud AlShareef, KnowledgeWare Technologies Est.
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New features


  • [14610] Add ability to place article requests in Koha

Add ability to place article requests in Koha.
Article Requests are somewhat similar to holds, but are not requests for an item to check out. Instead, article requests are requests for a photocopy of a particular section of a book ( most often ). This is very common in academic libraries where researchers may request a copy of a
single article found in a journal.
This patch set adds the ability to place article requests in Koha. It allows the control of what can be requested via the circulation rules. Since article requests of electronic resources are not outside the realm of possibility, the feature will check not only the items for requstability, but the record itself as well ( i.e. both items.itype and
biblio.itemtype ).
Article requests can be placed for patrons from the opac and staff intranet and can be viewed in most areas where holds are viewed ( e.g. patron details, record details, etc ).
There is a script to view article requests in progress within the circulation module. Article requests can be Open ( i.e. new ), In Processing, Completed, or Canceled. The status of a given request can be updated from this script.

  • [17453] Inter-site holds improvement

Without this feature users could reserve items and choose any library as a pick up location, but there was no mechanism to prevent users from reserving items that were available on the shelf at any given location from reserving the item at the same location, essentially creating a Fetch and Collect scenario.
This had an impact on staff workloads as they had to process reservations and check shelves for items that students could have collected from the open library shelves.
This enhancement decreases the impact on staff workload by
making it possible to prevent users from requesting items for pick up at a library where the item is currently available.

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)

  • [17855] New onboarding tool feature to guide users through setting up Koha, and minor web installer UI improvements

Koha now has a new tool to get Koha users up and running quickly after a new install. The user is prompted to create their first user, library, category code, item type, and circulation rule just after the database install has completed. Getting started with Koha has never been easier.


  • [17762] Ability to translate notices

It’s now possible to translate notice templates into different languages. There is a new ‘preferred language’ setting available in the user account, that controls which template will be used when generating notices.


  • [14224] patron notes about item shown at check in

This feature adds a “Note” input field to checked out items in the “your summary” section of the patron account in the OPAC. The field allows patrons to write notes about the item, such as “this DVD is scratched”, “the binding was torn”, etc. The note will be emailed to the library and displayed on check in.


  • [12461] Add patron clubs feature

This features adds the ability to create clubs which patrons may be enrolled in. It is particularly useful for tracking summer reading programs, book clubs and other such clubs.

System Administration

Hea is a service to collect usage data from libraries using Koha.
With this development Hea can collect the geolocations of the libraries in your installation and create a map. A new configuration page allows to configure easily what information is shared with the Koha community.
Hea statistics can been seen on





  • [4969] Vendors can not be deleted / show only active vendors

This patch provides the functionality to hide inactive vendors from the vendor search.

  • [10978] redirect to basket list of a supplier after deleting a basket

This patch redirects to the vendor’s list of baskets after deleting a basket, fixes breadcrumbs after deletion and also hides the toolbar actions after deletion (seeing as you can’t edit/export etc a basket that no longer exists).

  • [15503] Grab Item Information from Order Files

The goal of this development is to automatically generate items in Koha with populated information based on a 9XX field and subfield, with the new syspref MarcItemFieldsToOrder.

  • [17691] Add serial subscriptions info on vendor profile page
  • [17771] Add link to bibliographic record on spent/ordered lists in acquisitions
  • [17784] Ability to see funds with an amount of 0.00 when doing a new order
  • [17977] Add acquisitions sidebar menu to suggestions
  • [18109] Uncertain prices has no font awesome icon in acquisitions toolbar


  • [12026] Shibboleth auto-provisioning – Create

This feature allows it to add new patron records from Shibboleth into Koha (‘provision’). It is possible to map Sbibboleth’s attributes with Koha fields, the configuration is done in koha-conf.xml. Syncing existing Koha users with Shibboleth is not implemented yet.

  • [17486] Remove ‘Mozilla Persona’ as an authentication method

‘Persona’ never really took off, and although many browsers currently support it, very few services actually implement it. This has lead its founders, Mozilla, to end the project. On November 30th, 2016, Mozilla closed the persona.org services. Now the feature is deleted from Koha.


  • [16203] Convert item plugins to new style (see bug 10480)
  • [18388] Standardize serials volume information displaying in OPAC and staff


  • [8548] Add callnumber sort option to overdue report
  • [12063] Change date calculation for reserve expiration to skip all holidays
  • [14146] Add option to add restriction period when checking-in several overdues for same patron
  • [14187] branchtransfer needs a primary key (id) for DBIx and common sense.
  • [15498] Replace ExportWithCsvProfile with ExportCircHistory
  • [15582] Ability to block auto renewals if the OPACFineNoRenewals amount is reached
  • [15705] Notify the user on auto renewing
  • [16344] Add a circ rule to limit the auto renewals given a specific date
  • [16530] Add a circ sidebar navigation menu
  • [17398] Enhance circulation message UI
  • [17466] Show number of outstanding issues when checking in
  • [17472] Borrower Previously Checked Out: Display title
  • [17560] Hold fee placement at point of checkout
  • [17700] Add columns configuration to fines table
  • [17812] Return focus to barcode field after toggling on-site checkouts
  • [18073] Holds to pull UI improvements
  • [18079] Cleanup of holds to pull page


  • [15427] Allow db connections using TLS

Hold requests

  • [14876] Show number of holds per record on the search results
  • [18037] Hold notes template cleanup (from 15545)

Installation and upgrade (command-line installer)

  • [7533] Add template_cache_dir to the koha-conf.xml file
  • [16083] Accept CLI params for the Makefile.pl

Label/patron card printing

  • [15815] Improve wording in popup warning when deleting patron from patron-batch
  • [17181] Patron card creator replaces existing image when uploading image with same name


  • [7663] batch add barcodes to a list

MARC Authority data support

  • [9988] Leave larger authority merges to merge_authorities cronjob (pref AuthorityMergeLimit)

This enhancement replaces dontmerge by a limit. The Zebra code in merge is removed. The cron job has been refactored, and is no longer optional; it also supports merges from one authority type to another (with a table revision).

  • [16018] Merge.pl code cleanup
  • [17233] Add 008 value builder plugin for MARC21 classifications

This patch adds a 008 cataloguing value builder for MARC21 classifications records (LCC, DDC/Dewey, UDC and so on).
This is a starting point for supporting classification records in Koha.

  • [18070] Support clean removal of authority records

MARC Bibliographic data support

  • [17800] Add admin sidebar menu to marc-subfields-structure.pl
  • [18200] Fix a potential issue with preceding space in GetMarcUrls

MARC Bibliographic record staging/import

  • [15541] Prevent normalization during matching/import process


  • [13029] Allow to pass additional parameters to SMS::Send drivers
  • [17470] overdue_notices.pl produces X emails with the SAME list of ALL overdue items if a patron has overdue items from X branches


  • [7626] Delete multiple tags at once
  • [13685] Sorting Patron Reading History
  • [13757] Make patron attributes editable in the opac if set to ‘editable in OPAC’
  • [14405] Add datatable to fines table in OPAC patron account
  • [14764] Add OPAC News branch selector

This patch inserts a new system preference: “OpacNewsLibrarySelect”. When it is active you can select to see the news of any library on the OPAC start page.

  • [16034] Integration with OverDrive Patron API
  • [17209] Remove use of onclick from masthead
  • [17946] Show number of subscriptions on tab in OPAC record details
  • [17948] Link to make a new list in masthead in OPAC does not take you straight to add form
  • [18108] Sorting by author in opac summary
  • [18304] Do not mail cart or list contents to the library
  • [18350] Moving call number in subscriptions tab in OPAC biblio detail


  • [16733] More flexible paths in debian scripts (for dev installs)


  • [6782] Move auto member cardnumber generation to occur when record is “Saved” (avoid collisions)
  • [17334] members-update.pl should show timestamp
  • [18314] Account lockout


  • [14365] SQL Reports Last Edit Date column
  • [17465] Add a System Preference to control number of Saved Reports displayed
  • [17898] Add a way to automatically convert SQL reports

Bug 17196 moved the column marcxml out of the biblioitems table and into a separate one.
That will break any SQL reports using marcxml, but in order to make it easy to fix them, a new column with a warning has been added to the Saved reports page (/reports/guided_reports.pl?phase=Use saved). There is also an update link that will help to modify the SQL query.

  • [18283] Display improvements on report results – hide code and change wording


  • [16757] Add ability to pay fee by id for SIP2
  • [16895] Allow writeoffs via SIP2


  • [8266] remove location from pull down on search
  • [15108] OAI-PMH provider improvements
  • [17169] Add facets for ccode to elasticsearch
  • [17255] Upgrade Elastic Search code to work with version 5.1
  • [18098] Add an index with the count of not onloan items
  • [18394] Add an option to item search to export a barcodes file


  • [10357] Send email when serial received subscription link is hard to find
  • [18035] Front-end changes to serials -> Numbering patterns
  • [18181] Can’t tell which subscriptions already have routing lists if seeing all subs attached to a biblio

Staff Client

  • [15179] Marc field 084 does not show on bibliographic record
  • [17516] Add CSV export option to item search after displaying output to screen
  • [18110] Adds FR to the syspref AddressFormat

System Administration

  • [14608] HEA : add possibility of sharing usage statistics in Administration page

This patch set adds:
– a reference to Hea at the end of the installation process
– a link to the new page from the admin home page
– a new page to easily configure shared statistics

  • [17208] Classification sources and filing rules shouldn’t allow ‘New’ with same code
  • [17793] Make sysprefs search show on all Administration pages
  • [18122] Audio alerts: Add hint on where to enable sounds
  • [18375] Better readability of patron category table for zero ages and fees


  • [5784] link to acq from budgets & funds
  • [11932] move delete checkbox on patron modification to right
  • [16072] Include only one small spinner gif in the staff client
  • [16239] Upgrade Bootstrap in the staff client
  • [17014] Remove more event attributes from patron templates
  • [17416] Move javascript in doc-head-close.inc into a separate include
  • [17418] Move staff client home page JavaScript to the footer
  • [17859] Move JavaScript to the footer on about and auth pages
  • [17874] Bug 16239 followup – update bootstrap 3 usage
  • [17942] Update style of the web installer with Bootstrap 3
  • [17972] Reformat acquisitions sidebar menu with acquisitions and administration sections
  • [18063] Remove dead code from tools/manage-marc-import.tt

Test Suite

  • [17950] Small improvements for Merge.t
  • [18036] Improve test coverage for themelanguage
  • [18182] TestBuilder should be able to return Koha::Object objects
  • [18222] Fix tests broken by Bug 18026
  • [18413] Fix Letters.t (follow-up of 17866)
  • [18448] Fix a few db_dependent tests


  • [14854] Add DataTables on upload results table
  • [17669] Add purging temporary uploads to cleanup_database
  • [18040] Updating buttons on Tools->Upload Local Cover Image
  • [18077] Batch item modification link is bold when batch item deletion is active in tools menu
  • [18099] Put call number in its own column on inventory screen
  • [18134] Batch authority record modification Preview MARC button needs updating

Web services

  • [17317] Adding “bib” type to GetAvailability method for ILSDI



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